Traditional cotton printing

Package: "Traditional cotton printing"

3-day package for € 142,50 per person.

It is so much fun to print your own apron or other piece of fabric

with your own design using the colours that you have chosen.

Day of arrival:

welcome with coffee and a regional delicacy at Unia Zathe,

where you will be staying this weekend.

Day 2:

the morning starts with a generous breakfast,

after which you will visit the only flax museum in existence in Ee.

Using your own transport, you will then travel to Blija, to the 'Kleine-Lijn', where Nynke Runia runs a silkscreen printing workshop. After being welcomed, you will set to work under the guidance of Nynke herself. Once your showpiece has dried, you can take this home with you and this will remind you of this wonderful weekend for many years to come.

The evening is yours to do as you please and there are plenty of tips.

The next day:

there is no rush at all and you can enjoy the lavish breakfast at your leisure, whilst making the most of the peaceful atmosphere at Unia Zathe.

This package is based on 4 - 15 people and, for example, a high tea, or lunch during the workshop can be added to the package.



Omgong 7 en 8

9131 KV Ee